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City Engineering is an approved supplier to some of the industry leading companies in the Oil & Gas, Electronics and Nuclear industries. The business is also an accredited participant in the ‘Fit for Nuclear Programme’ which aims to ensure that the UK supply chain will be ready to cope with the requirements of the prospective nuclear new-build.

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City Engineering

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Investment Year

September, 2015


Bristol, UK


Employs 55 staff

Sector Exposures

Oil & Gas

City Engineering manufactures mission critical components for some of the leading companies in the oil and gas sector. City specialises in bespoke and high precision components for under-sea applications. Among its clients is preeminent oil and gas services company ‘GE Oil & Gas’.


City Engineering has strong history of providing the UK defence sector with high precision parts designed to endure the most challenging environments. The company has specialised in manufacturing parts for military vehicles and has serviced several of the leading global defence companies including: ‘General Dynamics’ and ‘Universal Engineering’.



City Engineering provides the Semi Conductor industry with critical machine parts. The company has specialised in manufacturing high precision components for in the water-industry, and has a long standing partnership with S.P.T.S. Ltd, one of the preeminent wafer processing providers.


Nuclear Energy

The business is an accredited participant in the UK’s ‘Fit for Nuclear Programme’, implemented to ensure that the UK supply chain can cope with pending nuclear energy expansions. City has participated in several important projects by the ‘UK Atomic Energy Authority’.


Fit for nuclear

Company History

City Engineering was founded by Mr T. E. Davies in 1947 as a fabricator and sheet metal working business servicing local engineering companies in the Bristol area, such as ‘Bristol Aircraft Company’ and ‘Westinghouse’. The business prospered and in 1958 moved into a purpose built factory in Fishponds, Bristol, in which the business remains to this day.


In the late 1970s City Engineering became one of the first businesses in the UK to install ‘Computer Numerical Control (CNC)’ technology and moved to the forefront of the application of this sophisticated technology. Under the direction of Mr Davies’s son, Robert Davies Phd. the new CNC technology was used to to expand City Engineering’s capabilities during the construction boom of the 1980’s. City Engineering rapidly became a national supplier of bespoke architectural pressings and fabrications for high-tech commercial developers.


In the early 1990’s, City Engineering diversified into laser technology as one of the first companies in the region to adopt precision laser cutting to sheet metal cutting and welding. The new technology yielded huge benefits in efficiency, quality and precision.

Mr T. E. Davies

Mr T. E. Davies

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