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Rhino Doors manufacture a wide range of security doors, barriers and gates with the companies own composite panels, tested and approved by third parties. Rhino doors are recognised for their extremely high durability and quality, making every doors have a long service life, excellent reliability and low maintenance costs. Furthermore, the company’s own design team has developed bespoke secure locks and bolts for Rhino products.


Rhino Systems Ltd.

Maritime Road,
Llewellyns Quay,
Port Talbot,
SA13 1RF
United Kingdom

+44 (0) 1639 888119


Investment Year

July, 2015 by Cyrus Precision Engineering EIS Fund


Port Talbot, UK


Employs 26 staff

Sector Exposures

Banking Sector & Cash Deposit Holders

Rhino Doors manufactures and installs products, including anti-ram and blast-proof high security doors, for many of the most preeminent companies in the banking, finance and cash deposit sector, both in the UK and on the global market.

Government & Defence Sector

Rhino has a long standing relationship with the UK government and military and has since the 1980s been manufacturing anti-terrorist, anti-ram, and blast-proof high security doors for many government parts including, Ministry of Defence, Royal Air Force and nuclear submarines, to name a few.

Airport & Aircraft Sector

Rhino’s products’ high security, long service life, excellent reliability and low maintenance costs has given the company an outstanding reputation within the aircraft sector. Rhino manufactures an supplies hangar doors for large commercial airports, private hangars, and military hangars (RAF).


Rhino began in 1983 as an industrial door development division of RTZ (Rio Tinto Zinc). The business had developed a unique door structure which was quickly recognised by UK industry leaders and Rhino’s early clientele consisted of British Steel, The British Oxygen Group, and the RAF to name a few. From its early success with industrial doors, Rhino proceeded to develop acoustic doors and ballistic doors.


Through its increasing work for the Ministry of Defence, Rhino began manufacturing a whole new range of high security doors thus transforming itself into the versatile security door manufacturer it is today. In 1996/97 Rhino was sold from RTZ to British Steel and eventually ended up as part of Corus, through the merger of British Steel and Koninklijke Hoogovens in 1999, today known as Tata Steel Europe. Shortly after, Rhino Engineering formed through an MBO. The business is now being carried out by Rhino Systems Limited.

Rhino Hangar
Rhino Hangar Doors

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