Potential Tax Advantages

By investing in the Fund, UK taxpayers are likely to be able to benefit from the following reliefs provided by the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS):


  • Up to 30% tax relief on the amount invested, up to £1 million for each tax year.
  • Capital Gains Tax (CGT) can be deferred on the sale of other assets by investing the amount of the chargeable gain into the Fund. Valid for gains that occurred up to three years before, or one year after the date of the EIS investment.
  • Tax free gains on any profits from the disposal of EIS share providing the Investor has held them for at least three years following the date of investment.
  • Loss relief, if the investment realises a loss, the investor may be able to claim loss relief on up to 45% of the investment.
  • Inheritance tax relief, if the Investor dies after holding the investment for at least two years the investments will be free from inheritance tax.