Ramp Surface Coatings Ltd

Key Company Information

Company Snapshot

Ramp Surface Coatings Ltd (RSC) is a painting and metal treatments company that specialises in painting aerospace and defence components with prestigious approvals that allow the company to paint critical flying parts. The company has recently invested in a metal treatments facility to support its traditional paint work. Most Aerospace Primes will not engage a supplier for paint work unless they can also provide a metal treatments service in-house. The new treatments line will therefore attract both treatments work and further paint work.


Ramp Surface Coatings Ltd.
1&3 Garrett Road,
Lynx Trading Estate,
Yeovil, Somerset
BA20 2TJ
01935 427290

Investment Year

February, 2016 by Cyrus Precision Engineering EIS Fund


Yeovil, UK


Employs 24 staff

Sector Exposures

Customers are a mixture of defence Prime Contractors (Primes) and sub-tier operators within the supply chain. All customers are approved suppliers within the Aerospace and Defence industry.


Ramp Industries Ltd was formed in 1990 and acquired in 2004 by a private investor. The coatings division was started 15 years ago by Derek Smith who now leads RSC as Operations Director.

All the labour force has been retained and CIM will now expand the business’s loyal customer base through the injection of new capital, products, and senior management.

Key Accreditations

The business holds both AS9100 and Nadcap accreditations and recently established a metal treatments facility on its Yeovil premises which provides Anodising and Alocroming treatments to its customers and their supply chains.